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WE EU/EU-Series 18C Bronze

The EU-Series pistol is infamous - used by military and law enforcement around the world, it is inst..

€175.00 Ex Tax: €175.00

WE P-226 P-Virus (Sentinel Nine)

Manufactured by WE, this unusual pistol is based off the SIG P226, however it has received some upgr..

€169.99 Ex Tax: €169.99

WE P99 Kratos God of War (Dual Tone)

The Kratos 'God of War' pistol is manufactured by WE, and based on the Walther P99.It is a metal sli..

€149.99 Ex Tax: €149.99

WE Colt Junior (Spare Magazine)

Suitable for the WE Colt Junior (also referred to as the CT25 1908).Each magazine only holds 7 BB's,..

€39.99 Ex Tax: €39.99