Colt 0.20g Bio (3,200 BB's)

Colt 0.20g Bio (3,200 BB's)

Biodegradable BB's don't have to cost the earth, whilst still giving you the performance you need. Plink in your garden guilt-free knowing that you're not contributing to additional plastic in the ground (or more important, without having to go around picking them up)!

Manufactured by Cybergun, these Colt BB's come in a ziplock seal bag, and have 3,200 BB's. Each BB measures in at 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm, allowing them to work even in 6.01mm Tightbore barrels.

As they are Biodegradable, it is important to store them properly once opened, and always keep the ziplock sealed. Bio BB's will absorb moisture from the air.

These are 0.20g BB's - the industry standard. Best suited for calm conditions, or indoor use.

Size 6mm
Weight 0.20g
Finish High-Gloss Polish
Colour White
Contents 3,200
  • Brand: Cybergun
  • 183024
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  • €10.00
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