Specna Arms CORE 0.25g (3,000 BB's)

Specna Arms CORE 0.25g (3,000 BB's)

Specna Arms CORE BB's are a cost-effective BB, designed to give excellent performance without breaking the bank. Each bottle holds 3,000 BB's, and is manufactured with precision, which allows them to work with guns out of the box, as well as upgraded/tuned replicas with precision barrels.

Every BB in your CORE bottle is manufactured at 5.95mm with a tolerance of +/- 0.005mm, ensuring compatibility even with 6.01mm tightbore barrels. Best of all, such small deviations are not limited to size, but also weight - the difference between every pellet will not exceed 0.01g, improving shot-to-shot consistency.

Specna Arms have concentrated on the areas that matter most to the gamer - ensuring perfect shape for the BB, which combined with their meticulous quality assurance, gives you the peace of mind that you will be problem-free for feeding (in all sorts of magazines). 

These are 0.25g BB's, a firm favourite amongst gamers due to their increased wind resistance and greater predictability. This handy 3,000rd Bottle is easy to carry with you, allowing you to reload in the field

Size 6mm
Weight 0.25g
Finish High-Gloss Polish
Colour White
Contents 3,000
  • Brand: Specna Arms
  • SPE-16-029712-00
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