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WE P-Virus P226, Pistols are generally used as a sidearm, or back up for your primary, however that doesn't mean that's all they can be used for

Pistols are generally used as a sidearm, or back up for your primary, however that doesn't mean that's all they can be used for. If action movies have taught us anything, it's that with a pistol, you're unstoppable! Smaller, more compact, and easier to use, pistols are a lot of fun, whether you're gaming every weekend, shooting targets out your back garden, or just like adding another awesome piece to your collection.

Blowback can be a confusing term - in effect, it means simulated recoil. In other words, it is more realistic, and as a result more fun! Airsoft guns will never achieve the same level of recoil as the real steel counterparts, however it will still put a smile on your face every time you pull the trigger. Due to the nature of the blowback systems, there are more parts, requiring a higher degree of maintenance to keep everything in tip-top shape, but the benefit is a more realsitic experience, and greater satisfaction with every shot!

This replica is powered by green gas, although the name is something of a misnomer. It's stored in the bottle (and magazine/pistol) as a liquid, and needs heat to turn into a gas. As you can imagine, each shot uses up the ambient heat, and the gun cools down. The colder it gets, the less efficiently it operates (this is called cool down). Practically speaking, it means you will cycle through the different pressures of gas based on the temperature/climate i.e. in the colder months, you'll likely use 150 PSI gas, in the summer you'll use green gas (or 110/120 PSI), and for the indeterminate weather conditions, most likely you will rely on 130 PSI.

Unsure what gas to use? Using lower pressure gas will not damage your replica in any way, so it is safer to start lower, and only move up a pressure class (i.e. from green gas to 130 PSI, or 130 PSI to 150 PSI) when the replica is not performing as expected.

To refill with gas, remember that it is actually a liquid, so you will need to have the pistol/magazine and gas bottle upside down to fill. Line up the fill nozzle with the fill valve, press and hold it into position and keep in place until full. Generally it takes about 10 seconds for a full fill, however larger magazines may take longer. For best results, fill up with gas when the magazine/pistol and gas bottle are cold, and warm up the magazine before use. This allows the gun to have more gas available, and increases the pressure inside the magazine.

WE are one of the more interesting manufacturers - they have a long history in the sport, and although they started off as a basic cloner of Tokyo Marui gear, they were always keen to go their own way. They were the first to market with a single stack 1911 GBB, although due to the small gas reservoir, and heavy slides, they were not without their problems. This gave them a reputation of being relatively poor, however over the years they have successfully shaken this off. From their integration with the HK3P factory, and producing some seriously impressive guns, they have continuously improved, becoming innovators in their own right, and offering genuine performance for remarkable value.

WE do not only make pistols, although that is their most popular line. They also create and develop their own in-house GBBR series, being one of the primary innovators in the space - they created GBBR replicas of the M4, M14, AK series, G36, MP7, MP5, MP5K, P90, PDW, and more! This drive to deliver great products, along with their stellar work as OEM's with other companies, has increased their quality tenfold, leading to them becoming one of the most popular airsoft brands on the market.

Manufactured by WE, this unusual pistol is based off the SIG P226, however it has received some upgrades for its inclusion in the Biohazard/Resident Evil game series. In the game, this pistol appears as the "Sentinel Nine", and is instantly recognisable thanks to the copious amount of chrome!

You get a chrome slide, trigger, hammer, disassembly lever, safety/decocker, slide release, and hammer. This contrasted with the black lower frame and outer barrel really makes the gun pop.

This pistol is gas powered, and because of the heavyweight slide, we'd recommend running it on 130 PSI gas. To fill it up, remove the magazine from the pistol, hold it and the gas bottle upside down, and line up the nozzle to the fill valve. Press the nozzle into the valve and hold (please note, as this is an extended magazine it will take longer to fill). Then fill with BB's, and enjoy!

As a SIG P226 based pistol, the Sentinel Nine operates on Single Action or Double Action, and features a functioning decocker. It also has an enlarged magazine release to facilitate fast reloads!

This is a truly awesome looking piece of kit - the compensator sets it apart from the crowd, along with the tasteful dual-toning, and since you have the 20mm tactical rail, it's crying out for a zombie-slaying laser sight!

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Pistol / GBBR Specification
Gas Type Green Gas
Blowback Blowback
Power <1 Joule
Mag Capacity 40 BB's
Length 240mm
Weight 0.68kg
Fire Mode Semi-Auto
Colour Chrome & Black
Hop up Adjustable
  • Brand: WE Tech
  • WET-02-038079-00
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