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John Wick 4 Sand Viper 1911 Hicapa, Pistols are generally used as a sidearm, or back up for your primary, however that doesn't mean that's all they can be used for

Pistols are generally used as a sidearm, or back up for your primary, however that doesn't mean that's all they can be used for. If action movies have taught us anything, it's that with a pistol, you're unstoppable! Smaller, more compact, and easier to use, pistols are a lot of fun, whether you're gaming every weekend, shooting targets out your back garden, or just like adding another awesome piece to your collection.

Blowback can be a confusing term - in effect, it means simulated recoil. In other words, it is more realistic, and as a result more fun! Airsoft guns will never achieve the same level of recoil as the real steel counterparts, however it will still put a smile on your face every time you pull the trigger. Due to the nature of the blowback systems, there are more parts, requiring a higher degree of maintenance to keep everything in tip-top shape, but the benefit is a more realsitic experience, and greater satisfaction with every shot!

This replica is powered by green gas, although the name is something of a misnomer. It's stored in the bottle (and magazine/pistol) as a liquid, and needs heat to turn into a gas. As you can imagine, each shot uses up the ambient heat, and the gun cools down. The colder it gets, the less efficiently it operates (this is called cool down). Practically speaking, it means you will cycle through the different pressures of gas based on the temperature/climate i.e. in the colder months, you'll likely use 150 PSI gas, in the summer you'll use green gas (or 110/120 PSI), and for the indeterminate weather conditions, most likely you will rely on 130 PSI.

Unsure what gas to use? Using lower pressure gas will not damage your replica in any way, so it is safer to start lower, and only move up a pressure class (i.e. from green gas to 130 PSI, or 130 PSI to 150 PSI) when the replica is not performing as expected.

To refill with gas, remember that it is actually a liquid, so you will need to have the pistol/magazine and gas bottle upside down to fill. Line up the fill nozzle with the fill valve, press and hold it into position and keep in place until full. Generally it takes about 10 seconds for a full fill, however larger magazines may take longer. For best results, fill up with gas when the magazine/pistol and gas bottle are cold, and warm up the magazine before use. This allows the gun to have more gas available, and increases the pressure inside the magazine.

Army Armament are one of the oldest airsoft manufacturers, producing AEG's and pistols for decades. In addition, they also produce a wide range of parts, both internal and external, making it easier to repair and upgrade your replicas.

Generally considered an entry-level brand, they produce guns at most price points, with impressive feature-sets. Generally full metal, and decent out of the box performance, they have improved significantly in recent years, and have started to produced licensed replicas that have blown everyone away (e.g. their TTI John Wick series). Going from strength to strength, it is no surprise to see how popular they have become.

Every now and then, a gun comes out that just exudes cool. The TTI (Taran Tactical Innovations) Sand Viper is one such pistol! Featured prominently in John Wick 4, this 2011 Hicapa based design is superb, and shoots as good as it looks (which is saying a lot). Featuring a 28 round magazine, you can stay in the game for longer, and unleash your inner John Wick, laying waste to the competition (suit is optional). With a  6.03mm factory-fitted tightbore barrel, consistency out of the box is fantastic!

Constructed out of aluminium, this realistic and official replica is stunning. The lower is constructed out of polymer (same as the real steel), and is stippled for an enhanced grip. Featuring strong blowback, this green gas powered pistol will put a smile on your face with every shot. For best performance, we recommend 130 PSI gas at minimum.

From the moment you pick up this beast, you are ready to take on the High Table. Sitting snugly in your hand, the controls are intuitive and easy to use - you have an ambidextrous thumb-safety, flared mag well for faster reloads, aggressive stippling for enhanced grip, integrated 20mm accessory rail (flashlights/lasers etc). Not only that, the magazine release is enhanced for an easier reload, with a textured enlarged button.

This official replica is fully licensed from TTI, and has official trademarks throughout, setting it apart from the crowd. You have TTI logos on the magazine release, frame, and slide, with 9mm engraved on the barrel (as well as "SAND VIPER laser engraved on the sldie). Speaking of the slide, well...that's where this beast really shines. It is factory fitted with a compensator, which houses the front fibre optic tactical sight. The compensator stays in place whilst shooting, with the rest of the slide recoiling with every shot. Better still, the slide has stylistic (and practical) compensating cut outs, lighting the load, keeping your shots on target.

The overall aesthetic is remiscent of the combat master, but enhanced in every way. The slide serrations sit proud on the front and rear, allowing for greater ease of manipulation, allowing you to power-stroke on relaod etc. Compatible with all Tokyo Marui spec hicapa magazines, this pistol is a thing of beauty. Finished in black, with rose-gold (bronze-ish) barrel, and polished metal on the accents of the slide, you'll never want to put it down.

If it's good enough for John Wick, it's good enough for you.

You'll notice that this pistol has no rear sight - that's because it includes a red dot sight mount (RED DOT SIGHT NOT INCLUDED) for mounting an RMR/Micro dot sight, allowing you to get BB's down range even faster. You'll see some photos showing what it could look like with an optic mounted - the optic is not included, and is shown for illustrative purposes you wish to customise your replica is completely down to you; go full IPSC speed shooter, or shoot from the hip without sights; the choice is yours.

For more information, please click on the specifications tab.

Pistol / GBBR Specification
Gas Type Green Gas
Blowback Blowback
Power <1 Joule
Mag Capacity 28 BB's
Length 230mm
Weight 1.05kg
Fire Mode Semi-Auto
Colour Tan
Hop up Adjustable
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