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1911 MEU / KP07 Co2, Pistols are generally used as a sidearm, or back up for your primary, however that doesn't mean that's all they can be used for

Pistols are generally used as a sidearm, or back up for your primary, however that doesn't mean that's all they can be used for. If action movies have taught us anything, it's that with a pistol, you're unstoppable! Smaller, more compact, and easier to use, pistols are a lot of fun, whether you're gaming every weekend, shooting targets out your back garden, or just like adding another awesome piece to your collection.

Blowback can be a confusing term - in effect, it means simulated recoil. In other words, it is more realistic, and as a result more fun! Airsoft guns will never achieve the same level of recoil as the real steel counterparts, however it will still put a smile on your face every time you pull the trigger. Due to the nature of the blowback systems, there are more parts, requiring a higher degree of maintenance to keep everything in tip-top shape, but the benefit is a more realsitic experience, and greater satisfaction with every shot!

This replica is powered by Co2 - these are small disposable self-contained cannisters, offering higher pressure for year-round performance. Unlike with green gas, where you will have to cycle through the different pressures depending on the weather, Co2 is designed to operate in virtually all conditions.

Each cannister holds plenty of Co2, and once inserted it cannot be removed until it is empty (otherwise you have a highly pressurised cannister with a hole in the top - not something you want flying around). For blowback pistols, each cannister will last approximately 50 shots, whereas with non-blowback pistols, it's closer to 100 shots (or in other words, long enough that you won't be bothered counting).

Due to the high pressure of Co2, it is not recommended to store your pistol/magazine with a fresh Co2, as the seals are subject to the full force the Co2 cannister has to offer. Similarly, you don't want to store them with nothing in it either, as the seals can recede. A general rule of thumb is if you have fired a full magazine worth of BB's through it, you should be safe to store it with the Co2 present.

Inserting the Co2 is simple - loosen the bottom screw, slot the cannister into position, and tighten the screw back up until the Co2 is pierced. You will hear a hiss, and then it will stop as you continue to tighten. Remember not to overtighten it, as you can deform the seals.

KJW follow suit with a lot of airsoft manufacturers, insofar as they are known by several names and monikers. KJ Works, Kuan Ju Works, LS (although they have officially split from KJW) - they are a Taiwanese manufacturer, primarily concerned with pistols, although that is not all they do. With sniper rifles, GBBR's, parts, accessories, and more.

They grew in popularity as they were one of the earliest manufacturers, producing metal replicas when much of the competition were still dealing in ABS plastic. Generally, their designs are based off Tokyo Marui, giving them widespread compatibility, and generally solid performance. Of course, they were not satisfied to sit in the shadows, and they instead innovated delivering Co2 powered replicas, as well as engineering their own models such as the CZ series, M700 sniper, M4 GBBR, and more. Out of the box performance is great, but the recoil thanks to the metal slides is what really seals the deal. Amongst airsofters, KJW are incredibly popular, and this has lead to their guns getting official stamps of approval in the form of licensed replicas, serving as the OEM for ASG, Cybergun, and many others.

Alongside their guns, they also produce a massive range of parts, allowing you to accessorise and customise your replicas, as well as repairing/upgrading them for best performance.

Manufactured by KJ Works (or KJW, as they're also known), the KP-07 pistol is based on the venerable 1911 design. Of course, this version is a little more modern than the name suggests, replicating the M1911 MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit), giving it a sleeker overall appearance, as well as improved ergonomics. The pistol grip is rubberised for enhanced handling, and the main hammer spring housing is straight for improved comfort. You have ambidextrous safety lever, and deep-cut slide serrations for maniuplation/handling.

Powered by Co2, this piece kicks like a mule - every time you squeeze the trigger, it will put a smile on your face! KJW based their 1911 design on Tokyo Marui's, giving great compatibility for repairs and upgrades. It also makes it compatible with their magazines (compatible with Raven, KJW, Army, Tokyo Marui, Vorsk etc). Please note, these are not compatible with KWC Co2 magazines.

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Pistol / GBBR Specification
Gas Type Co2
Blowback Blowback
Power <1 Joule
Mag Capacity 25 BB's
Length 225mm
Weight 0.93kg
Fire Mode Semi-Auto
Colour Black
Hop up Adjustable
  • Brand: KJWorks
  • KJW-02-007675-00
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