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FN 509 Compact MRD (BK) (Spring), The benefit of spring powered replicas is that there are no batteries to charge, and no gas to run out of

The benefit of spring powered replicas is that there are no batteries to charge, and no gas to run out of. In other words, they're ready for action when you are. Of course, this means that they are manually cocking, so you will have to cock the piston back for each and every shot. As a result, you have to be a little more mindful when using your replica, as if you fail to cock it fully, the piston may not be retracted, but their could be a BB loaded, so cocking it again will load another BB, which could jam/damage your replica.

If you are ever unsure, simply remove the magazine, and cock the gun to ensure the piston is back, point in a safe direction and pull the trigger. You now know the replica is clear, so you can re-insert the magazine, and get back to shooting.

Since these replicas are manually cocking, there is a little more effort required for each shot. For an easier time, it may be worth considering battery or gas operated replicas.

Cybergun are a distributor and manufacturer based in France, with a focus on sustainable airsoft, building strong relationships with real steel brands, and producing the highest quality replicas, accessories, tactical gear, and consumables. Cybergun produce guns for Colt, Desert Eagle, FN Herstal, FAMAS, GSG, Kalashnikov, Mauser, Mossberg, PGM, Schmeisser, Swiss Arms, Springfield Armoury, Tanfoglio, Thompson, Arsenal Firearms, Canik, and more. Using industry leading OEM's, with dedicated in-factory QA agents, these replicas have fantastic performance, as well as top class build quality.

Cybergun produce a host of accessories, from grips and bipods, to scopes and sights, as well as tactical gear (vests, rigs, holsters, and more). Their focus is on delivering high quality at an affordable price, whilst not compromising on the exacting performance airsofters have come to expect from the brand.

The FN Herstal 509 Compact MRD is a spring powered pistol manufactured by Cybergun, and is an official FN Herstal replica. Constructed out of ABS plastic, this lower powered pistol holds a gargantuan 90 BB's, shooting at circa 0.2J, making it ideal for younger budding airsofters.

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