Double Eagle Franchi SPAS 12 (BK)

Double Eagle Franchi SPAS 12 (BK)

"Clever girl!"

Pretty much what you think of when you see the SPAS-12 - it is an iconic gun, used throughout Hollywood & video games for good reason! It looks fantastic, and in this airsoft replica you have a gun that works as good as it looks - 3 shots per pull of the trigger, using the same great tri-shot system that has been tried and tested over the years.

The pump action is stiff, so we recommend you pump from the rear of the pump (from the upper part of the forearm, your hand slides back) and try to do it quickly. This will make it easier to prime each time! As it is a spring powered shotgun the pump cocks the pistons and loads the BB's. It means you've no batteries to charge, or gas to load - just fill the shells and away you go!

Each shell holds 30 BB's, and as it fires 3 at a go, you'll have 10 shots before you need to reload

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Shotgun Specification
Length 780mm
Weight 2kg
Colour Black
Mag Capacity 30rds; 10 shots
Fire Mode Tri-Shot
Power <1 Joule
Power Source Spring
  • €79.00
  • Ex Tax: €79.00

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