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Get the AK47 Tactical, complete with folding stock, vertical grip, 2x Spare Hicap Magazines, Battery & Charger, and BB's!

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The AK47 is one of the most famous rifles ever made. It has seen countless revisions, been used in virtually every conflict since its inception, and been the star of more film and television shows than you can count. This level of infamy translates to its popularity in the airsoft world, and now it's even better value. As part of our Assault Deal bundle you get the excellent AK47 Tactical (including vertical grip, battery & charger), with Multi-Reticule Red Dot Sight, 2x Spare High Capacity Magazines (Hicaps), and a bag of BB's! Everything you need to unleash chaos on the OpFor!

The AK Tactical is a response to bringing a touch of the modern to the tried and true classic. Based on the venerable AK47 design, the replica stays true to its heritage, however introduces a more modern handguard. Constructed out of polymer, complete with quad RIS/RAS rails, this finally brings the possibility of adding accessories to your AK. You still have the full length barrel (455mm), and full length rifle, however this modernising brings greater utility. The stock can now fold to the side, allowing you to drastically cut down its size, making it easier for transport and storage (or for CQB encounters).

The pistol grip has been redesigned to a more ergonomic approach, improving comfort when shooting, and the AK Tactical also includes a removable folding vertical foregrip. The barrel is threaded 14mm CCW (counter clockwise) facilitating the addition of a silencer, should you want to further increase the tacticool-ness of your replica.

Internally this beast of an AEG has a metal V3 gearbox, complete with steel gears and a polycarbonate piston. It was designed with durability in mind, and delivers in spades. The battery (included) is stored above the gearbox, under the bolt cover. Simply push the button on the back of the gun, slide off the cover, and you have access to your battery. This makes it extremely practical, as you can change the battery in a matter of seconds.

The top of the RIS/RAS handguard is railed, facilitating the addition of a red dot sight. The included grip is factory fitted on the bottom rail, although it is removable should you wish to change things up.

The AK47 Tactical is incredibly popular due to its exceptional reliability, adaptability, and performance. For airsoft, AK type rifles have an advantage over M4's etc due to the stock sitting lower, giving more clearance for face masks. This makes aiming easier, and playing more comfortable.

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Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Version 3
Length 91cm
Weight 3.1kg
Manufacturer CYMA
Colour: Black
Mag Capacity: 550
Power: <1 Joule
Recommended Battery 8.4v stick-type
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  • SF_120909-1
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  • €249.00
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  • Ex Tax: €199.99

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