BULK DEALS: Swiss Arms Bio BB's (0.20g) (3 Pack)

-52% BULK DEALS: Swiss Arms Bio BB's (0.20g) (3 Pack)

Give Bio a try with Swiss Arms Biodegradable BB's.

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Swiss Arms BB's are widely regarded as one of the best brands on the market. Quality is of the utmost concern, and they deliver! Precision made, with extremely low tolerances, and polished to a smooth finish for optimal performance even with 6.01mm tightbore barrels. Each BB is 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm, giving excellent consistency between shots.

Their series of biodegradable BB's is certainly no exception, taking the quality people have come to expect from the standard series, and delivering them in an environmentally friendly option. Each bag is sealed, to keep your BB's in the best condition, with a handy nozzle to fill magazines. Each bag comes in at 1kg, holding an impressive 5,000 rounds. This bulk pack gives you 15,000 BB's, ready for even the toughest situations. And best of all, due to the Biodegradable nature, no guilt from holding your finger on the trigger!

Balancing the performance you've come to expect, with an environmentally conscious mindset, these BB's are uncompromising. Breaking down in a matter of weeks in a compost environment (60 degrees celcius), or in just 3 years in cold earth environment.

0.20g BB's are the industry standard for good reason - they offer a great value of cost per BB, excellent flight time, and work in every airsoft gun!

Size 6mm
Weight 0.20g
Finish Polished
Colour White
Contents 5,000
  • Brand: Sale
  • SF_KA-BB-04-WH
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €53.99
  • €25.99
  • Ex Tax: €25.99

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