Double Eagle M56A (BK)

Double Eagle M56A (BK)

Shotguns are great fun to plink with, and to skirmish! They're a challenge due to their reduced capacity, slower rate of fire (depending on how fast you can pump), and typically lower overall range. However what you get is more BB's per trigger pull!

This model, the M56A, is a multi-shot shotgun. Every pull of the trigger fires 3x BB's. As this model has three individual barrels, the range is unaffected by the extra shots.

This version has a full stock, constructed out of durable ABS plastic, ensuring maximum comfort whilst racking the pump action

Shotgun Specification
Length 900mm
Weight 2.1kg
Colour Black
Mag Capacity 30rds
Fire Mode Pump Action
Power <1 Joule
Power Source Spring
  • €85.00
  • Ex Tax: €85.00

Tags: TXM56A, M56A, Trishot Shotgun