Cyma AKS-47

Cyma AKS-47

The Kalashnikov AK47 is an iconic rifle, and despite its age (60+ years) it is still one of the most widely used, and widely seen rifles.

This particular replica is made by CYMA, who in their own right have developed a reputation similar to the Kalashnikov rifles...they work, and stay working! The gearbox inside is a metal V3 mechbox, with steel gears, and polycarbonate piston. AK's use short-type motors, inside a motor cage, so remove a point of failure from the likes of M4's where the free-floating motor can shake loose cables etc. This is in part what has lead to the proliferation of the AK in airsoft...the rest is down to the fact that AK's are just plain cool!

Constructed out of both metal and plastic, this gun features imitation wood, as well as a full metal gearbox which further adds to its reliability. The gun looks fantastic, and you only realise it is not real wood when it's in your hands - on the wall or on the field it is very hard to tell!

The AKS-47 has a folding stock, but rather unusually, this skeletonised stock folds under similar to the MP40. This mechanism can take a bit of getting used to, however the benefit is that you don't cover up the fire control mechanism. As the stock is a metal skeletonised stock, there is no room for batteries - instead, your battery storage is on top of the gearbox under the bolt cover. This limits you to NiMh stick batteries, or stock tube style Lipos.

This rifle includes a basic battery and charger, giving you all that you need to get started. We do recommend upgrading to higher quality batteries and chargers for best results

Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Version 3
Length 87cm
Weight 2.2kg
Manufacturer CYMA
Colour: Black
Mag Capacity: 550
Power: <1 Joule
Recommended Battery 8.4v Mini
  • Brand: CYMA
  • FB0870
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €200.00
  • Ex Tax: €200.00

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