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Double Eagle M56A Long (BK)

Shotguns are awesome - they have a certain intimidation and fun that just can't be found on other replicas.

Modelled after the Beneli M3 Super 90 style shotguns, the M56 series from Double Eagle give you a massive amount of bang for your buck; tri-shot system, shell type magazine, spring powered, and all in a stylish package!

This variant is the M56A-Long; it has a composite solid stock, and long barrel, giving it an iconic look for the police style shotguns. As it's manually cocking, each pump loads 3x BB's (one into each of the three barrels), and cocks the piston. Once you've pumped the action, you cannot pump it again until you've pulled the trigger

Using a clever shell type magazine, you load 30 BB's into the shell, and pull the magazine door lever to open the breach, insert your shell and close up the breach. You're now ready to go! Each shell holds 30 BB's, so you'll get 10 shots before you need to reload. The shotgun only holds one shell at a time

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Shotgun Specification
Length 1040mm
Weight 2.1kg
Colour Black
Mag Capacity 30rds
Fire Mode Pump Action
Power <1 Joule
Power Source Spring
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