ACM Single Point Sling (Bungee)

ACM Single Point Sling (Bungee)

Fitting a sling to some guns can be a nightmare - you have to get additional mounts, and figure out how to install them. This sling helps alleviate those problems!

Including a rear sling plate suitable for M4 series AEG rifles, you can get up and running in no time! To install the sling plate simply remove your buffer tube, remove the old plate, and install this new one. Screw back on your buffer tube and you're good to go!

This bungee sling is a single point, allowing for fast transitions to a secondary e.g. pistol. The bungee helps take the sting out of it when you drop your rifle to grab your pistol, whilst also helping you carry

Sling Specification
Attachment Points One
Gun Type Rifle
Material Nylon
Colour OD
  • Brand: ACM
  • GFT-24-000425-00
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €15.00
  • Ex Tax: €15.00

Tags: GFT-24-000228-00, Bungee sling, Single Point Sling, Sling Plate