Swiss Arms Cobra Stalker (Balaclava Mesh Mask)

Swiss Arms Cobra Stalker (Balaclava Mesh Mask)

Running around playing airsoft can be a lot of fun - decidedly less fun however is getting shot in the face, especially if you're left with a dentist bill for a chipped tooth! Why take the risk? Use a high quality lower mesh mask to protect your teeth, and improve your comfort whilst playing.

Manufactured by Swiss Arms, the Cobra Stalker mask is a clever reinvention of the traditional lower mesh mask. Designed to offer maximum protection, and maximum utility, as well as providing excellent adaptability, and comfort. How does it manage all of this? High quality steel mesh to protect your teeth, foam around your checks affording protection as well as facilitating a close-up cheek-weld for aiming. This also doubles as a balaclava, rolling two pieces of equipment into one.

Camouflage yourself, and keep your teeth in one piece!

The benefit of this style of mask is that there are no retention straps - just throw this on, and you're good to go!

Mask Specification
Coverage Lower face
Build Material Steel
Colour ATP
  • €15.00
  • Ex Tax: €15.00

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