Kombat UK Recon Face Mask (Lower Mesh)

Kombat UK Recon Face Mask (Lower Mesh)

Running around playing airsoft can be a lot of fun - decidedly less fun however is getting shot in the face, especially if you're left with a dentist bill for a chipped tooth! Why take the risk? Use a high quality lower mesh mask to protect your teeth, and improve your comfort whilst playing.

Manufactured by Kombat UK, these mesh masks balance comfort and protection - you have steel mesh to keep your teeth safe from errant BB's, and thick foam padding for your cheeks...a damn sight comfier than metal against your face. But it's not all about comfort - there is a performance element to this foam. Foam is more forgiving 

Mask Specification
Coverage Lower face
Build Material Steel
  • Brand: Kombat UK
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  • €17.99
  • Ex Tax: €17.99

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