Nuprol Pistol Mag Speed Loader (110rd)

Nuprol Pistol Mag Speed Loader (110rd)

Speed loaders are a handy device that allow you to quickly reload your magazines, whether they're for AEG, GBBR, or pistols. They work by having a container to hold the BB's, and a plunder to press them into your magazine. Primarily used with spring-loaded magazines e.g. GBB pistols, GBBR's, and AEG midcaps, the speed loader is the fastest method of filling your magazines with BB's.

This particular loader is manufactured by Nuprol, and is the exact balance you want between budget and quality. It doesn't cost the earth, whilst still doing exactly what it needs to. And if it goes missing, it's not the end of the world (which is particularly useful since they go missing in safe zone all the time)!

The speed loader comes with an adapter for feedlipped magazines (e.g. pistols, GBBR's, L96 etc), making it more versatile than some of the others. At 110rds capacity it holds plenty for most magazines, though if you're going to be loading a big pile of midcaps, you would be better off with an M4 mag-shaped speed loader due to increased capacity.

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Speed Loader Specification
Capacity 110 BB's
Shape Pistol Magazine
Colour Clear
Adapters Included
  • Brand: Nuprol
  • 6900-CLR
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €7.00
  • Ex Tax: €7.00

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