Swiss Arms Anti-fog Spray (100ml)

Swiss Arms Anti-fog Spray (100ml)

If you've ever played airsoft, odds are you've encountered the plague that is fogging up. People have different names for it (misting etc), but it has the same result - you can't see, or at least not clearly. So what do you do? There are many solutions - replace your eye protection for mesh, spit on them (diving solution), or you apply an anti-fog treatment.

This product is manufactured by Swiss Arms, and is dead easy to apply. Simply spray a small amount onto each lens, rub it in and leave to dry. Then just buff away the lines gently, and voila! This treatment greatly reduces the instance of fog, though the layer does wear off. For particularly warm/hot days this will happen sooner, so for best results simply re-apply between games.

​Please note that these treatments will help prevent fogging up, but are powerless to prevent the build up of sweat cascading down the lenses

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