Clawgear CR123a Battery (Single)

Clawgear CR123a Battery (Single)

CR123a batteries are extremely commonplace in airsoft, however sometimes they can be hard to buy. They used to be used in film cameras to power the flash, however those days are long gone, and so too is their proliferation in supermarkets etc. That said, they are still used in many areas - smoke alarms, sensors, all in addition to flashlights, tracers, and optics!

These cells from Clawgear provide consistent power for the best performance of your airsoft accessories. Remember to use two of same battery (if your device takes two) to avoid mixing cells, and keep your gear in tip-top shape for longer

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Battery Sepcification
Voltage 3v
Battery Type CR123a
  • Brand: Claw Gear
  • 10550200000
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  • €4.00
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