BULK DEALS: Airsoft Gas Power Pack (3x Bottles)

-17% BULK DEALS: Airsoft Gas Power Pack (3x Bottles)


Bulk Pack POWER PACK includes 3x Bottles of Airsoft Green Gas, each a different strength!

Getting the right gas for your gun can be tricky - there are a lot of factors e.g. the type of gun, the size of the magazine, the blowback unit, temperature etc. So how do you find out what's the best to use? We have a handy cheat-sheet below, however sometimes the best learning is direct experience. Enter the POWER PACK - get the three main strengths of gas, and see what performs best for you.

This pack includes 1x Bottle of Swiss Arms Green Gas (circa 120 PSI) - this is what most people will use in the majority of their guns. It is a "good enough" solution; not too strong, not too weak. However, sometimes you want more. Sometimes you want the best performance, and that's where 130 PSI gas comes in. Higher pressure, better performance, stronger recoil, and more resistant to the cold. The POWER PACK includes 1x bottle of Elite Force 130 PSI gas as well!

But what about when it gets cold? Or if your slide is particularly hefty? That's where 150 PSI gas comes into its own. Originally designed for Gas Blowback Rifles, this gas is excellent for maintaining performance throughout the colder weather. It is not recommended for Tokyo Marui pistols, or for hot days. The POWER PACK also includes 1x bottle of Elite Force 150 PSI gas.

All three bottles are mixed with Silicone Oil, helping keep your gear in tip-top shape.

Still unsure of what gas? See the cheat sheet below.

  • 110 PSI (Light)
  • Green Gas (Standard; circa 120 PSI)
  • 130 PSI (Higher Pressure)
  • 130 PSI (w/Silicone Oil) (Higher Pressure)
  • 150 PSI (Heavy)
  • 150 PSI (w/Silicone Oil) (Heavy)

For all-plastic pistols (especially Marushin & Maruzen), it is recommended to use Swiss Arms Light (110 PSI), whereas for most pistols you would go with either Green Gas, or 130 PSI gas. Tokyo Marui pistols will work on 130 PSI gas, however as it gets into the hottest weather, you may need to drop to 110 or 120 PSI.

The heavy gas is designed for gas blowback rifles, and is not recommended for pistols unless they're reinforced.

Although there are a lot of factors involved, each bottle of gas will last approximately 500 shots. The type of gun, size of magazine, weather conditions, and speed of shooting all play a role, so it is not an exact figure (much like a car's fuel economy).

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