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The Swiss Arms Black Eagle is a bolt action rifle, made in the timeless classic style. The body is black ABS plastic, which is textured at the front for improved weapons handling, and the upper (barrel & bolt assembly) is metal. It is a lightweight, easy to use rifle, with impressive performance. Lying next to some of the other more expensive bolt action rifles, such as the L96, VSR etc, it is easy to overlook the Black Eagle M6...but that is a grievous mistake!

The out of the box performance of this gun is nothing short of jaw-dropping; bare in mind that this is a €100 rifle, that outshoots many rifles that are two or three times the price!

Coming in at just under the joule, this rifle fires at approximately 305 FPS (w/ 0.20g BB) with an effective range of circa 40 meters, and a maximum range of 60 meters. Using heavier BB's (0.25g) will improve the accuracy even further, as they are more resilient to the wind. The Swiss Arms Black Eagle M6 comes as standard with 2x 20mm RIS/RAS rails to facilitate the addition of a scope and/or bipod (NOT INCLUDED) for even more accurate shooting.

Using a bipod will make your shots more stable and by proxy more consistent, whereas the addition of a scope will allow you to make more minute corrections to make those difficult shots! Inside the box you get a basic red dot sight, however for more accurate shooting we would recommned an upgraded sight.

Sniper Rifle Specification
Length 1100mm
Weight 2kg
Fire Mode Bolt Action
Power Source <1 Joule
Mag Capacity 25rds
Colour Black
  • Brand: Swiss Arms
  • SF_280726
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €128.00
  • €109.99
  • Ex Tax: €109.99

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