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Get the official Smith & Wesson 327 M&P R8 Co2 Powered Revolver, 16x Shells (8x Spare), Co2 & BB's - everything you need to take on the world!

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Revolvers are damned cool - the old fashioned wheel gun aesthetic is hard to argue with!

Manufactured by Umarex, with official trademarks from Smith & Wesson, the M&P R8 is a Co2 powered airsoft revolver, with a few tricks up its sleeve. As a non-blowback pistol, it is very economic on Co2, and best of all, unlike most revolvers, this beast holds 8 BB's. Unlike other large capacity revolvers in the airsoft market, the shells are removable, adding more realism to the model. Each fake bullet holds 1x BB in the rubber tip.

The Co2 capsule is held in the grip, accessible from a hinge mechanism on the backstrap. This results in a more secure feeling grip, and avoids the rattle that some other models suffer from.

It is a double action trigger, but you can also fire it single action if you want (i.e. cocking the hammer back manually) for a smoother trigger pull.

This revolver has an integrated rail under the barrel, so you can add flashlight/laser etc. Although, this is one of those cases where just because you can doesn't mean you should.

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Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type Co2
Blowback Non-Blowback
Power <1 Joule
Mag Capacity 8 BB's
Length 265mm
Weight 0.630kg
Fire Mode Semi Auto
Colour Black
Hop up Fixed
  • Brand: Umarex
  • SF_2.6447
  • Availability: In Stock
  • €152.99
  • €99.99
  • Ex Tax: €99.99

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